C# – Christian van den Heever’s C# Development high level history (Into).

Generally I have been coding in C# for the last couple of years on an on and off basis as you can imagine being employed full time as a data warehouse lead provides me with limited time during the day – but great coders are borne during these hours (after hours) … not ?

Though I must say every opportunity given to me at my current employment are great and I have coded the following for them.
C# Windows services for file monetor project. Simply two services that takes control over data file loading, transporting etc. makes life easy for all ETL processing in the division.
MDM web portal. Using infragistics web control and SQL back-end.to maintain Master data for the Africa division of Banking Simple pages controlling entering of data via intranet.
Data take-on portal for monthly stats that is pulled through to Cognos to drive business revenue with nice reports.
Some of these jobs are simple others a bit more complex with threading and online grids with datasets bounded etc – but I had a great time creating them.
Thus with limited exposure during the day to code in c# I have done a lot of afterhours work even on temp basis for customers during the last decade or so.
Some exciting stuff was delivers using c# – not ground breaking for a semi-senior developer.
Reply device integration in c# and SQL server 2008 for AGM voting – have a few top companies using it in ZA. With a full suite of reports. Again see . (za.linkedin.com/in/managingitforbusiness) and look at the slide presentations on the project. I have sold the source code to an event company .
This was a nice example of API integration with C# using remote base station controls.
Windows Socket server development with android devices chatting to the socket – some nice networking code here – see LinkedIn profile for code (za.linkedin.com/in/managingitforbusiness) used direct TCP connection to communicate data from Android device down nto windows exe file and back.
XNA – Game development on xbox with xna creators club. Started on a Poker game what a challenge the AI for poker is difficult- game semi completed then live happens and I needed to focus on real money driven projects and also we had to move on as we were only two people on the project a graphics designer and myself.
But now I know xna a bit with c#.

Whiles I was employed at Fl Media
I did have a few month where I fully occupied with development for CMS system integration to C# and ASP.net for Biztools.com and HRtools.com and even some flash game integration into SQL server.
Using Ektron with a smile.
This was really nice to focus on development but then life happened and I got blessed with a second child and I could not travel a lot – thus back to the bank with security and career growth but one never know when I will get a gret opportunity again to do some real development stuff.

I am going to further grow this blog with more technical stuff going into this C# section.
You are most welcome to help me here – comment and break apart the code that I submit. I will love and respect you for it.

Christian van den Heever

{Views and opinions on this Blog does not reflect current/past employers view(s).}


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