This is the start of my journey with Hadoop and most of the tools used to access, control, monitor, edit, modify and read data etc. I will try and share this journey with you but please note this will most of the time be very technical thus I will make assumptions based on my reading and this is my view of how it works if it is incorrect then post a comment and I will try and get you the correct information.


This is a Big world using Big data (no punt intended) . Thus it is a confusing world and I will try to simplify this for everyone reading this blog – including making it simple for myself, I like simplicity.


By no means am I an expert on this I am just learning and sharing my learnings with you-you are welcome to follow my journey and make this your own.


My first source of information comes from hortonworks.com(http://hortonworks.com/)  I am currently in the process of completing the online self passed training they provide – its good training – go for it and enjoy it. Hortonworks University Self-Paced Learning Library – http://hortonworks.com/training/self-paced-learning-library/ At this stage it is over 250 modules that you need to complete and I am aware that they will be growing it to more soon, introducing more module on their platform called HDP. I will jump around trying to do labs with you, install the software etc. – assisting with configuration etc. – Lets see how it goes as you can imagine this is going to be a lot of work thus this journey will span over a few months.


Also note setup your own VM and test, play and enjoy most of the tools are pen source – the once we will be using will be open source.


Just a note I am not at all associated with hortonworks or they with me, as indicated they are my starting point to learn and develop big data solutions Please note I only use them as reference to information and I will be using terms that they might use that they own I will also try and explain how their technology fits together as I understand it.


I will try to create topic per subject.


1) What is big data : https://christianvdheever.wordpress.com/2016/05/21/what-is-big-data/

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