C# – Christian van den Heever’s C# Development high level history (Into).

Generally I have been coding in C# for the last couple of years on an on and off basis as you can imagine being employed full time as a data warehouse lead provides me with limited time during the day – but great coders are borne during these hours (after hours) … not ?

Though I must say every opportunity given to me at my current employment are great and I have coded the following for them.
C# Windows services for file monetor project. Simply two services that takes control over data file loading, transporting etc. makes life easy for all ETL processing in the division.
MDM web portal. Using infragistics web control and SQL back-end.to maintain Master data for the Africa division of Banking Simple pages controlling entering of data via intranet.
Data take-on portal for monthly stats that is pulled through to Cognos to drive business revenue with nice reports.
Some of these jobs are simple others a bit more complex with threading and online grids with datasets bounded etc – but I had a great time creating them.
Thus with limited exposure during the day to code in c# I have done a lot of afterhours work even on temp basis for customers during the last decade or so.
Some exciting stuff was delivers using c# – not ground breaking for a semi-senior developer.
Reply device integration in c# and SQL server 2008 for AGM voting – have a few top companies using it in ZA. With a full suite of reports. Again see . (za.linkedin.com/in/managingitforbusiness) and look at the slide presentations on the project. I have sold the source code to an event company .
This was a nice example of API integration with C# using remote base station controls.
Windows Socket server development with android devices chatting to the socket – some nice networking code here – see LinkedIn profile for code (za.linkedin.com/in/managingitforbusiness) used direct TCP connection to communicate data from Android device down nto windows exe file and back.
XNA – Game development on xbox with xna creators club. Started on a Poker game what a challenge the AI for poker is difficult- game semi completed then live happens and I needed to focus on real money driven projects and also we had to move on as we were only two people on the project a graphics designer and myself.
But now I know xna a bit with c#.

Whiles I was employed at Fl Media
I did have a few month where I fully occupied with development for CMS system integration to C# and ASP.net for Biztools.com and HRtools.com and even some flash game integration into SQL server.
Using Ektron with a smile.
This was really nice to focus on development but then life happened and I got blessed with a second child and I could not travel a lot – thus back to the bank with security and career growth but one never know when I will get a gret opportunity again to do some real development stuff.

I am going to further grow this blog with more technical stuff going into this C# section.
You are most welcome to help me here – comment and break apart the code that I submit. I will love and respect you for it.

Christian van den Heever

{Views and opinions on this Blog does not reflect current/past employers view(s).}


CV-Full-Christian van den Heever

Christian van den Heever CV:

{Views and opinions on this Blog does not reflect current/past employers view(s).}

CV-Personal Details

Personal Details

Full Name Christian Coenrad
Date of Birth 78/10/12
Sex M
Identity Number 781012######
Marital Status Married
Nationality South African (ZA)
Home language Afrikaans
Languages English. Afrikaans
Health Excellent
Religion NG (Christian)
Drivers License 08 (ZA)
Children 2
Military Service No
Relocation Yes
Personal Email christianv@cdktech.com
Current Work Email ####################
Current Title Developer Manager / ETL developer / Technical lead.
Address ## #### ############
Code ####
Home Tel + 27 11 ######
Cell  +27 074 6411 297



  • Koos van Wyk
  • Dalene Alberts
  • Saroj Govender
  • Peter Venter
  • Frank  Columbo

Contact Details will be provided on request.

CV-Other Details

Other details.

  • Awarded top 70 Management within the Banking group 2006.
  • Awarded Service excellence within the group for project(s) delivered.
  • Promoted from ITD08 to ITD09.


General IT Skills

This section contains a list of the skills that are useful in the IT arena that I have acquired over my years of work.

  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Data and Process modelling
  • Data Warehouse Design
  • Documentation
  • Project Management
  • Management
  • Project life cycle development phases
  • Evaluation of new technologies/methodologies/packages
  • Technical Consulting
  • General Consulting
  • Facilitation
  • A solid background in applications – both maintenance and development
  • An excellent understanding of database design principles
  • An ability to learn new technologies quickly
  • Communication, both verbal and written
  • Listening
  • Relational and IMS database design
  • Lateral thinking
  • Logical thinking
  • Leading Technical resources to build solutions for business using the correct tools at the correct time.

The success of a project will typically be measured on a continuous basis through the prompt arrival of agreed deliverables.

CV-Major Projects

Objective Role Fulfilled Technology Period Involved Client
Setting up Network Junior Network administrator Networking/ Windows TCP/IP 2 yr
Web site development and hosing
Project management, from design to implementation.
Senior developer Internet 1 mnt
Creating company web site Senior developer Internet 2 mnt
Creating an online ordering system for safari people Senior Application developer Internet Marketing and E-commerce 2 mnt
Online CV Submitting, Recruitment system Senior developer
Structure planning
Internet/Intranet 6 mnt
Online enquiry of Black IT empowerment companies Senior developer Internet and in-house db 1 mnt
Sagent Telkom Portal Developer Intranet web site for hosting plans 2 mnt
Application development Place wise. Placement Management system Senior Developer Visual Basic 6
Crystal reports
8 mnt
NKS Intranet Senior developer Intranet system for employees 1 yr
Electricity Management System (EMS) Senior Developer
Project Manager
Support Manager
Visual Basic 6
Access 2000.(VBA)
6 mnt
Claims Management System Senior developer
Project Manager
Delivery Manager
Support Manager
SQL 2000
Web interface,
Access reporting (VBA)
Visual Basic 6 Com
4 yr
Mining Industry tracker.
Tracks weight at drop of point within mine.
Senior developer SQL db
Report functions with access (VBA) front-end
6 mnt
SABC Radio Sole Developer
Project Manager
Visual basic 5
1 mnt
Regulator Reporting for Bank industry. Know your customer (KYC). FICA. Team Lead
Project Manager
Business Analyst
Support Manager
Test Team Leader
SQL Server 2005
Business Objects
2 yr
Fleet management reporting Team Lead/ Project manager SQL Server 2005
Cognos 8
1 yr
Risk Grade system that scores the risk of a client to the back when lending occurs. Sole developer
GUI developer
SQL server 2005
Classic Asp
Visual Basic 6.
2 yr
Anti Money laundering (AML) Resource Manager
Technical adviser
Line Manager
Data stage
6 mnt
Payment Streams. MIS on Payment stream within the bank. Project manger
Team Lead
Resource Manger
Line Manager
Data stage
AS (Microsoft)
SQL server 2000
Cognos 8
Report net
1 yr
SQL Server to Teradata Conversion Resource Manage
Project Manager
Team Lead
SQL Server 2000
Data stage
1 yr
Business Object to Cognos Migration Project Manager
Resource Manager
Line Manager
Technical Lead
Business Objects
Cognos 8
SQL server
6 mnt
Cognos upgrade Line Manager
Resource Manager
Project Manager
Cognos 8 2 mnt
Recruitment Software Tower group Project Manager
Customer satisfaction
Support Manager
SQL server
2 yr
Siebel Business Banking CRM System.
Conversion OF SQL server data to DB2 for CRM
Data Importer
ETL Developer
8 mnt
SET (Banking Executive and Trust.)
Reporting on the web for it customer details.
ASP Developer
Project Leader
Team Lead
Resource Manager
Classic ASP
4 mnt
Mapangubwe – Game dev Project manager 3d studion Max
Torque Game engine
8 mnt
Customer Contribution Line Manager
Classic ASP developer
ADOMD Developer
AS Developer
SQL server Developer
SQL server 2000
AS 2000
Classic ASP
2 yr
SMS from the web System Senior Developer C# .net
Access 97 (VBA)
1 mnt
Banking / Liberty Online reporting Information delivery manager
Resource Manager
Line manager
Calssic ASP
SQL 2005
1,6 yr
VAF – Vehicle and asset finance Banking qui times. Line manager
Resource manager
Technical advisor
SQL 2005
Cognos 8
8 mnt
BASEL 2 Resource Manager
Line Manager
Technical adviser
SQL 2005 4 mnt
Poker Coder XNA
C# .net .5
1 yr Code can be shown – In progress as hobby.
Biztools Coder/Manager C#.Net
Ektrom cms (ww.ektron.com)
1 yr Travelling to Houston and doing work in US and locally for biztools.com.
Ergo Clock Coder C#.net 3.5 windows forms 2 mnt Created Ergo-dynamic Clock to ensure that employees to take breaks during the working day.
Landing Zone Monitor Coder/designer/lead C#.net 4.0
SQL server 2008
2+yr (current) Creating tool to automatically transport file , run etc into ODW,ADW, Stage
AGM Voting Software Coder
Business lead
C#.net 4.0
Reply API
SQL server 2008
Infragestic Grid Controls
Created software to Run voting on Remote control for AGM for MTN, Mondi, Multi choice
Event Question software Coder
Business lead
C#.net 4.0
Object C (Ipad)
3 mnt Software that allows for participants to log questions to the speaker on their I pad/tablet.
Code not open source.
DMS Coder
SQL 2005/2008
5yr (Current) Framework to load data into warehouse/ ODS/Stage.
Classbuilder Coder Designer C#.net 5 yr (current) Code generator from database, created windows forms even web pages with a template.