CV-Employment History

Employment History

Company Date Reason for leaving
VKE Engineers Jan 1997 – Jan 1998 Moved from Technical support to development
DaTo Jan 1998 – November 1999 Looked for more senior development position
Datorline Systems November 1999 November 2000 Moved to get more development experience. And a more perm position.
Manager at Wimpy Waterfront JHB. Jan 1998 – March 1998 After hours / Week ends
JVS Begin November 2000 to End November 2000 Temp job
QPS November 2000 to November 2005 (Mostly after hour consulting and development. Temp) – Job end
Numatech Knowledge Solutions November 2000 to January 2009 Moved to Permanent JOB at bank (After hour consulting from June 2004 Joined Banking)
Banking South Africa June 2002 to June 2004 (Contracted via NKS) Made Permanent.
Banking South Africa June 2004 to November 2007 (Full time) Moved to get more exposure within the bank for Africa bank.
Banking South Africa – Africa November 2007 – April 2009 Need more technical exposure. Outside of bank.
Fluorescence April 2009 – January 2010 Required Stability
South Africa – Africa
January 2010 – June 2014 Promotion to lead bigger team in PBB
Standard Bank South Africa – PBB January 2010 – Current

Company: VKE Engineers (Pty) Ltd. (PERM)
Date:        Jan 1997 – Jan 1998
Position:   Junior Network administrator
Main Function:

  • Setting up of a TCP/IP network running a peer-to-peer service.
  • Setting up of network printers.
  • Assisting all clients with software – Windows 98/95, AutoCAD. Caddie 5, MSOffice 97.
  • Installing networks hardware – Cat 5 cables plus hubs.
  • Setting up mail-bridge software for e-mail.
  • Maintaining all hardware on network and user support.
  • Junior IT Manager.

Summary of Technologies used – Classic asp, visual basic 6 , per to peer networking

Company: DaTo
Date: Jan 1998 – November 1999 <strong>(PERM)
Position:Junior Application developer and Network administrator
Main Function:

  •  Network administration
  • VB software development (Junior)
  • SQL dba and SP Developer
  • Maintaining Intranet web site
  • Writing software solutions for internal and external customer.
  • Specking out application from design to implementation.
  • Developing the conceptual and logical design and deriving the physical design of all application design by me or by someone else in the firm.
  • Design and development of custom build, data driven applications for Budget forecasting in Access 97(Nestle South Africa).

Summary of Technologies used – Classic asp, visual basic 6 , per to peer networking, access 97
Company:Datorline Systems
Date:November 1999 November 2000
Position:Senior Developer
Main Function:

  • Client liaison
  • Asp, Flash Web site design and implementation
  • Hosting of Web Sites on a IIS platform
  • Setting up DNS servers for hosting on NT server4.
  • Directorship, leading all teams.
  • Managing Customer Accounts and Maintenance Renewals.
  • Tender / RFI / RFQ preparation.
  • Money management.
  • Handling of staff and business affairs.

Summary of Technologies used – Classic asp, visual basic 6 , per to peer networking, HTML
Company:Manager at Wimpy Waterfront JHB. (After hours / Week ends) (TEMP)
Date:Jan 1998 – March 1998
Position:Store Manager
Main Function:

  • Management of food quality and staff.
  • Employing personnel.
  • Improving the firms relationships with all their clients

Company:JVS Management Services (TEMP)
Date:November 2000 to November 2000
Position:Scaffolding Team Manager

  • Managing a team/s of contractors on site.
  • Forman on site.

Company:QPS (TEMP)
Date:November 2000 to November 2005(Mostly after hour consulting and development)
Position:Senior Web and application developer, Team leader, project planner, project manager
Main Function:

  • Designing and implementation of web sites.
  • Leading all team members.
  • Advising in technologies to use.
  • Building application in VB, DHTML, Asp, Flash.

Company:Numatech Knowledge Solutions
Date:November 2000 to January 2009 (After hour consulting from June 2004 Joined SBSA)
Position:Web Developer
Main Function:

  • Sagent Administration
  • Sagent Design Studio
  • Sagent Weblink
  • Sagent Portal
  • Intranet and internet sites – as a team member
  • Developing Access2000, VB and classic ASP applications.
  • Teaching junior developer – software development and ethics in IT.
  • Network and PC support in-house and to clients
  • Maintaining Intranet Claims system for Edcon (Edgar’s) claims system.

The following are some of the projects or tasks I have completed:

  • Completed a number of projects including User, Business and Functional Requirements with Architecture and Project Management if required.
  • Documentation of Process and Data Analysis producing Process / Data Flow and ER Diagrams using Visio and the Microsoft Office Suite of programs. The modelling of a current intranet layout with a recommended new layout.
  • Project Management of a small project team (8) to do data sourcing, capturing, scrubbing and loading of the resultant data for a client
  • Data Warehouse logical designs and models for a number of clients.
  • Business Proposals for Tenders and Requests for Information (RFI).

Company: Banking – South Africa
Date:June 2002 to June 2004 (Contracted via NKS)
Position:Senior Consultant / Developer
Main Function:

  • Building, maintaining and supporting of Risk Grading(Workbooks) System for
  • Business Banking (Credit)
  • Building internal Web sites.
  • Preparing data for the e3 project (Siebel).
  • Siebel maintenance on existing Price and Quoting system.
  • Writing com components that communicated with SQL server on Siebel.
  • Preparing detailed Database SQL specifications.
  • Creating Risk Grading System for Credit.

Company: Banking – South Africa
Date:June 2004 to November 2007 (Full time)
Position:Line/ Development Manager (BI Development manager) Banking –  Data warehouse.
Main Function:

  • Managing, supervising and motivating staff.
  • Resolving staff issues.
  • Staffs count 21+.
  • Creating KPI’s (KRA’s) for al team members and evaluating the staff performance accordingly.
  • Allocating work to staff (Resource managing).
  • Interviewing and employing staff members into my team and for group IT.
  • Driving out several projects for IT to Business in bank.
  • Senior team lead on several projects.
  • Part of Solution Forum for the BI development space.
  • Leading and facilitating strategic IT Business Intelligence planning.
  • Facilitating Vendor Relationship.
  • Budget forecasting on projects.
  • Develop technical specification, business cases and business specs.
  • Create standards and “Best Practices” where non-existent, and the support of current standards within the IT group.
  • Process re-engineering.
  • System Development (Object-Orientated analysis and design) using various programming languages (Serve and web based applications)
  • System Quality Assurance (Client – web application)
  • Database architecture and relational databases, enhancing existing databases and designing of specs for new db’s.
  • Setting up test environments.
  • Facilitating change management, support strategies processes and system analysis.
  • Migration of Business objects to Cognos – Project leader.
  • Migrating of SQL 2000 to Teradata – Project leader.
  • Afford daily guidance to subordinates in the execution of their duties.
  • Recruited, managed, develop and mentored staff to deliver on business and job objectives
  • Establishing and managing SLA’s with internal and external stakeholders
  • Ensuring that processes, policies and procedures are established to manage delivery to campaigns, projects and ongoing business operational requirements
  • Managed the data environment in a professional and efficient manner, ensuring that resources are utilised effectively
  • Ensured that the data is prepared and accurate when retrieving and utilising data from various sources
  • Deployed continual process automation and improvement programme to drive improved efficiency and delivery turnaround times
  • Supported sourcing of new data sources and ensure compliance to processes and procedures

Summary of Technologies used – Classic asp, visual basic 6 , per to peer networking, Siebel, .net C#, SQL server 2000/2005, access, HTML

Company: Banking – Africa
Date:November 2007 – April 2009
Position:Development Manager / Coder
Main Function:

  • Managing, supervising and motivating staff on current project(s)
  • Doing technical designs and implementations
  • Creating web site for HR.
  • Creating/maintaining databases technical resource and manager. (Small DW)
  • Reporting to project manager status of current project and managing expectations of sponsors within the group.
  • Assisting with the creation of the new data warehouse for Banking on SQL server.Summary of Technologies used – SQL server,SSIS, datastage, Oracle.

Date:April 2009 – January 2010
Position: Manager: Web Development /Programming
Main Function:

  • Managing web site development, maintenance and support.
  • Travelling and working in Texas Houston to maintain adminnistaf customer relationship
  • –
  • Senior .net Windows developer..
  • Aid in conversion to newer technologies if and when required
  • Preparation of presentations
  • Liaison with clients – work with clients on defining requirements and features
  • Develop design specifications
  • Research and competitor monitoring
  • Developing & research of prototype complex design solutions
  • Participate in code and design reviews
  • Motivating and overseeing team if and when so required
  • Managing & ensuring clients budgets are adhered to when briefed and developing
  • Database managementSummary of Technologies used – Microsoft technologies.

Company: Banking 
Date:January 2010 – June 2014
Position: Development Manager / Coder / ETL developer
Main Function:

  • Managing, supervising and motivating staff on current project(s)
  • Manage IT Service delivery for both application and infrastructure, within a portfolio of applications to a specified customer base for MOD (Middle Office Database)
  • Doing technical designs and implementations
  • Creating/maintaining databases as technical resource and manager.
  • Reporting and managing expectations of sponsors within the group.
  • Creating internal tools for ETL and MDM and file transfers.
  • Replacing Old technologies with new (MS Access with SQL server ETL, SQL 200 with 2005.)
  • Creating MDM web services.
  • Creating Monitoring dashboards Internal use.Summary of Technologies used – Microsoft technologies. Oracle,datastage.Company:        Standard Bank – PBBDate:                January 2014 – Current

    Position:          Development Manager – Lead

Main Function:

  • Managing, supervising and motivating staff on current project(s)/tasks.
  • Manage IT Service delivery for both application and infrastructure, within a portfolio of applications to a specified customer base for EIW on Teradata/DB2/other.
  • Doing technical(Architectural) designs and implementations for HUB processing
  • Coding actual GUI using Microsoft technologies.
  • Creating/maintaining DWA for SBSA as technical resource and manager.
  • Reporting and managing expectations of sponsors within the group.
  • Resource planning on task and deliveries.
  • Employing staff into the group for ETL delivery.
  • Maintaining internal data warehouse architecture/ tools and methodologies used.

Summary of Technologies used – Microsoft technologies. Datastage, Teradata.



Language / Skil Experience Skill Level Comment
Microsoft Assembler 6.5 1 Month 1 Concepts only.
Microsoft Visual Basic 4 18 Months 3
Microsoft Visual Basic 5 9 Years 4
Microsoft Visual Basic 6 9 Years 5
Microsoft Visual Basic – Web classes 8 Years 5 Source Code Available on request.
ActiveX controls 8 Years 4
3 tier object with Visual Basic 5 10 Years 4 Using it for all classic ASP pages to provide Business Rules. 4 Years 3 Web development. 5 Year 3 Web development.
Visual 2 Year 2 Moved from to
Microsoft Interdev 6 Years 4 Web development.
Microsoft Package and deployment wizard for VB 7 Years 5 Used for redistribution of software titles.
AutoCAD 14 1 Year 2 Junior Draftsperson for VKE Engineers
Visual C++ 4,5 1 Year 2 Mostly for research – Game development
Macromedia – Flash 4,5 2 Years 2 Creating Sites for BMIT and several customers. (Source Code available)
Macromedia Dream weaver 4 Years 5 Source Code Available on request.
Macromedia Fireworks 4 Years 5 Web development.
Microsoft FrontPage 97/2000 9 years 4 Web development.
Microsoft Excel (All Versions) 10 Years 5 All versions, very skilled in VBA.
Microsoft Word ( All versions) 10 Years 5 All versions, highly skilled in VBA and the Com object of Microsoft.
Microsoft Access ( All versions) 10 Years 5 I’ve written several small applications with access.Access as base and or the application in full.
HTML , DHTML 10 Years 5 Web development.
Classic ASP 10 Years 5 Web Development. – Source code available
Java Scripting 8 Years 4 Web Development.
ADO, Mdack 10 Years 5 Communication to DB – SQL server or db2.
Microsoft SQL Server 6.3 6 Months 5
Microsoft SQL Server 7 4 Years 5 Then moved onto SQL 2000.
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 (DTS) 10 Years 5 Moved to SQL 2005.
Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Microsoft SQL server 2008
5 Years + 33 Currently Using the software.
T-SQL 10 Years 4 Currently Using it one several; versions of SQL server.
PL-SQL 1 Year Using it in need on ETL via datastage for Oracle.
Sagent – Web scripting 1 Year 3 Used for data warehousing at Telkom and NKS.
Datastage 2 Years 3 Using 8.5 Currently for ETL.
NT Server More than 2 Years depends on version 3 Currently Using the software. (Depends on version)
Oracle 6 Months + 2 Using when doing ETL via Datastage sp’s and functions.
Windows More than 5 Years depends on version 4 Currently Using the software. (Depends on version).
Team Lead / Manager 5 Years + 3 Managing Team as Technical manager.
and Line management.
Moddeling – DWA 5 Years + 4 All Ralph Kimbal Modeling
Internet information server More than 2 Years depends on version 4 Currently Using the software. (Depends on version).
Siebel 99 3 Months 2 Communicated with the Back end to do data uploads. From SQL to db2. Last used in 2006.
DB2 10 Months 3 Querying data.
Decision Web scripting 12 Months 4 Used With Banking to query Hyperion Esbasse. (2006)
Hyperion Esbasse 2 Years 3 Create Business Banking Cubes.
Hyperion Esbasse API 2 Years 5 Create reports in Esbasse then created an interface for ASP to pull data directly.
Business Objects 6.5 1 Year 3 Only one Year because of strategic decision to go Cognos at Banking SA.
3d Studio Max 1 Year 2 Used to Create 3d Models for the Game engine.
Cognos reports 1 Year 3 Banking Data warehouse reporting Tool.
OLAP Microsoft ASSSRS 2 Years 33 Banking Data warehouse OLAP Tool with Cognos.Reporting for SQL database.
Cognos 8 6 Months 2 Banking Data warehouse Reporting tool.
Pascal 2 6 Months 3 Studies.
Delphi 2 8 Months 3 Studies
Crystal Reports 5 Months 3 Used Component to report in visual basic.
Adobe Photoshop 2 1 Year 3 Used for 2d images with game dev.
Torque game engine development 2 Years 3 C++ Engine for Game development.
Visual SourceSafe 4 Years 3 Source Control.
Microsoft 2,3.5,4 5 Years 4 Usage dependent on version, Web creation and Server / Client development
Corel suite 8 6 Months 3
Microsoft XNA (C#) 5 Year 3 Hobby – creating games in XNA and windows live (Example code can be shown)
Android – Java development 6 Months 2 Creating tablet software connecting to windows server software to do event questions.
Max – Xcode – Object C++ 2 Months 1 Mac dev for I-pad for event questions.

(1=course only, 2=some exposure, 3=solid experience, 4=very skilled, 5=expert)

CV-Educational Qualifications

Educational Qualifications

  1. Senior Certificate (South Africa)
  2. Mathematics passed with distinction, High School Balfour (1996), South Africa

Secondary Education

  1. Visual basic 5 at Damelin computer school (1997)
  2. Sagent course (data warehousing with sagent Technologies) (2003)
  3. Datastage course (data warehousing) (2006)
  4. MS SQL 2005 – LGIT Smart Solutions. (2007)
  5. Banking Internal Leadership training .(2006)
  6. C# Banking internal training (e-learning online). (2008)
  7. Teradata training (Tom Coffing Tera-Tom).(2007)
  8. SQL (IBM) training. (2008)
  9. Ralph Kimball ETL Master Class (2010)
  10. Ralph Kimball Data Modelling Master Class (2011)

Data Warehouse – One – Enterprise ETL Yes or No

So the question here is should you have one enterprise ETL team and one ETL infrastructure for your entire enterprise/company/corporation

In my opinion Yes as soon as possible, but as always there is a but.

You can only have this is if you have standards in place (Or you are creating the standards with your first project) and when you have maturity in the team /enterprise to support and maintain this.
You need to clearly define the tools that you use for ETL – decide on your etl partner this partner is there to stay.

Create a process that can be re-used for each following etl job.

OK so what am I saying “re-usable etl job” – basically all ets job should for example support

  1. Batch_Run_id – in order to trace when data was inserted it should
  2. Batch_Date
  3. County Code – enterprises solution must scale across countries/States.
  4. Using the same Error table for logging
  5. Using the same metadata layer
  6. Using the same audit function
  7. Be re-executable.
  8. Be traceable – ie when where did it fail.
  9. If you use surrogate keys then all must use the same method to derive the key.
  10. Create components small components that can be re-used.

We can go on and on but you get the picture.

So what is your opinion?

Release Source Code for Umbuzo Event Questioning software


I have release all code for this software thus you may use it to learn android to windows Socket development.

This software shows how to use socket development between windows and android.
Software might have bugs – report them and I will fix it in need.

Software is broken down as follow :

1) Server on Windows
2) Delegate question submition to speaker for Android –
3) Speaker view of questions from Android –
4) Moderator of questions from Android –
5) Web site of application umbuzo.web –

Code download less


My Name is Christian van den Heever.

I live in sunny South Africa in the Center of the Business Hub of ZA – Johannesburg.
I have 2 children and a beautiful wife and I have been married for 9 years + and still enjoying married life.